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Lighter Care & Troubleshooting

Tips on Caring for your Butane Lighter


To Refuel your lighter get yourself a can of Gas Butane, You can pick it up at any Pharmacy, Local Gas Food Stop or Large Grocery Store and a can will last you a long long time. Hold the lighter upside down, put the nozzle of the can to the nipple at the base of the lighter and give 4-5 pumps of gas to refuel, Everytime you Refuel it you will need to give it a Slight Adjustment, Find yourself the correct screwdriver that fits the slotted screw that is around the nozzle that you just pumped the gas into, Turn Counter Clock Wise to Increase the Flame, Clockwise to Decrease the Flame, For lighters that dont have a slotted screw around the fuel nipple there will be an adjusting screw right next to it, follow the same directions above. After Re-charging a lighter its best to let it sit for several minutes before fine tuning, this is because when you refuel your literally freezing the inside components as the gas goes in, waiting lets it thaw out and you can get your lighter set exactly where your desired flame/jet height is.

Over Adjusted Jet Lighters

If you increased the gasflow too high your lighter will not operate properly, the flame will appear to be a blob rather then a jet, turn it down alittle.

Lighters not in use / Lighters in storage

If you threw your lighter in a draw and now many months later go to use it and it doesnt light, still sparks your gas may be bad, decharge the gas (use a pen or small screwdriver) push in on the fuel nipple to release it and be sure you are not by any open flame while doing so. Recharge and adjust the lighter and you should be good to go, if its sparking it should ignight.

Cleaning your Lighter

Occasionally blow a burst of air into where the jet emits from to remove any dust or lint that may get in there as it will affect how the lighter is functioning, you may think your lighter died but its not, its just got stuff in the way of a clean ignightion, this happens more frequently then you think.


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