Awaken your chakras in the smooth flow of asanas

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Welcome to Lily Yoga - your source of inspiration and harmony!

Lily Yoga’s Mission Statement

At Lily Yoga, we welcome all who seek a path to physical and spiritual perfection through the practice of yoga. Our mission is to make yoga accessible and inspire people on the path of health and harmony. We strive to help everyone find balance and poise in this fast-paced world.

What sets us apart

At Lily Yoga Shop, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of yoga courses for different levels of practice, from beginners to experienced yogis. Our courses are created with the care and expertise of experienced instructors, so that each student can find just the right practice to suit their needs and goals.

Our instructors

At Lily Yoga, we have assembled a team of outstanding instructors who share their passion for yoga and are eager to share their expertise with you. Our instructors are experienced and certified in a variety of yoga styles. They are ready to guide you through classes, help you deepen your practice and reach new heights.

Water and yoga: your duet for harmony of soul and body

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